Corporate and
Promotional Videos.

While the main site shines light on personal projects and the projects I’ve had more creative freedom, over the course of my career I have done a lot of corporate and promotional videos. Directing, editing, motion graphics, original music and more depending on each project.

Here’s some of them.



In 2021 I directed and did motion graphics and animation for over 60 short videos for Mabe and its’ sister brands Café and i/o.  They were used for ads around the web. I animated Mabe’s outro logo  which they still use in all of their videos.

Here’s a cut with 4 of those videos. 


Mix Radio.

I was hired as content director on Mix Radio which used to be a music streaming service like Pandora (more radio-format oriented) from Nokia, when it was under Line and eventually dissolved.

Made over 160 interviews with artists and music industry people. This included motion graphics, editing, recording as well as making the actual interviews.

Created infographic videos for global internal communications.

Designed covers for playlists, GIFs, animations and related stuff for social media.


Señor Mandela.

Testimony of Jesus’ trip made possible by Señor Mandela.


Comisión de Desarrollo Indígena.

Produced, edited and musicalized this big budget commercial for the federal agency for Indiginous Peoples’ Development, through Pragmática Design Agency.

This big budget project came after making music and picking up audio for them for other videos.

Just original music and audio.