I’m Jorge Flores, this is my one-person studio called JRGS (yei ar yi studio) and I’m here to sell you graphic design, animation, motion graphics and post-production for whatever might occur to you. Let’s make it happen.

I’m a musician too, I make music as floresflores.

You can request a CV, send and inquiry or just say hi here: j@jrgsjrgs.com.

Sometimes this gets asked, so I’ll put it here. I mainly use this apps to create: Adobe’s Photoshop, After Effects and InDesign, Ableton Live and DaVinci Resolve. I dabble with Cinema 4D.

I hate how social media treats us humans, but I still gotta play that game, so here’s some links: floresflores instagram, JRGS instagram (this is new so there might not be much there yet), and my twitter that says floresflores but it’s all-purpose (or no-purpose).