Speakwrite. Doublethink.
Emmanuel, are you there?

Post-production and motion graphics for videos that ran during the play, 1984, in Mexico City through its short run in Teatro Helénico. This was a new take on the Orwell novel, it had a twist: people of the year 2015 (post INGSOC) were reading about the atrocities of the party through Winston’s diary.

The director had the idea, that people from that 2015 would have technology from our 80s because, of heavy and constant war, technology wouldn’t advance as far as in our universe.

But they had shot HD footage of the news, Winston’s captivity, and Emmanuel Goldstein’s message so I had to make it look like a VHS tape. I didn’t take it too far because the projection on the actual play would be unwatchable.

I also did the interface for the “Speakwrite”, and the “exercise machine” that looked like an old Commodore computer, and got to do the “branding” for Big Brother’s INGSOC.


The News. 


The Speakwrite. 


The Play. 

 Photos: Bogart Magazine